Present: Councillors Crookshank (Chair), Argue, Mrs Howell, Rockingham, Rowland, Rutherford and Wright.
Also in attendance: County Councillor Tidy, Sarah Codling (Clerk), and one member of the public.

1. To receive apologies and reason for absence.
Apologies were received from PCSO Sarah Roberts and Councillors Mrs Best, Hall, Harris and Mrs Myers. All apologies were accepted.

2. To receive declarations of interests on items on the Agenda.

3. To approve the Minutes of the meeting 20 June 2012 as a true record.
The minutes of the meeting held 20 June 2012 were signed as a true and accurate record.

4. To determine matters arising from the previous Minutes for updating and noting.

5. Public Forum – time limit 10 minutes.
The member of the public present wished to hear more news regarding progress for slowing traffic on Frant Road.

6. To receive Police Report.

7. To receive reports of County and District Councillors.
• East Sussex Health Improvement Partnership has announced funding available for Parish Councils to bid for. This is to improve the general health of residents. The Partnership is interested in increasing physical activity, reducing alcohol harm, smoking and building skills and capacity of frontline staff. This is running parallel to the Health and Wellbeing Consultation with both County and District Councils working towards the same goal.

• The Health and Wellbeing Consultation is being sent out. Cllr Mrs Howell urged Councillors to review this consultation as it is to determine how the health strategy is to be delivered to the whole of East Sussex for the next 10 years. The needs within the district need to be determined, for example, many residents may use services in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, as they may be the nearest facilities.
• The Highgrove Council Offices are moving to Hailsham by the end of July. There will be a hub in Crowborough for urgent items.
• Frant Parish need to respond to the Consultation regarding East Sussex hospitals.
• The crime figures have fallen by 3.5% to the end of June. The number of people injured or killed on the roads has also fallen.
• Safety in Action saw 1,000 children taught about stranger danger, safety on the roads and trading standards. All schools that applied were given places on the course. The course is a great success story for Wealden.
• The Police Crime Commissioner will be elected in November. Not all Wealden candidates have been put forward.
• Workstream is the vision for Wealden to 2015. It will look at how Wealden is run and commission/enable services.
• Wealden are holding Summer Activity Days for children. They will be in Polegate (25th July), Crowborough (1st August) and Uckfield (22nd August).
• East Sussex has the most residents aged 65 years and over in England. It is therefore important to know how to facilitate the care of people in this age bracket as numbers are only going to increase.

8. Chairman’s Announcements & Correspondence for noting.
A quote of £170.93+VAT to repair a street light on The Green, Frant. Councillors approved the cost.

9. Highways, Transport & Lighting Matters.
The Chairman thanked County Councillor Tidy for his dealings with East Sussex Highways. Cllr Tidy was the main instigator for the meetings with the Chief Executive of East Sussex County Council, the Director of Transport and the SLR meeting with Highways. Since the various meetings the Chairman now receives many emails updating him of the progress of our various ongoing projects. Results are now being seen and Cllr Tidy was heavily involved with shifting the views of Highways regarding Frant Road. A zebra crossing has now been agreed with Frant Parish Council contributing £12,000, the school contributing £2,000 and Highways will fund the remaining budget which could be in the region of £31,000. This is a great achievement as Highways have not budgeted for such a spend. Cllr Mrs Myers sent her thanks, on behalf of the school, to both Cllr Tidy and Cllr Crookshank for their tireless work with Highways and the great success. All Councillors expressed their thanks and approved the cost of £12,000 to finance the crossing.
The work on Frant Road is due to commence following the completion of all safety audits. Cllr Tidy noted that he wished the project to be run between Highways and the Parish Council. Cllr Tidy is to find out the name of the Project Officer so all communication can be between them and the Parish Clerk.
The member of public present stated he was delighted with the result but asked for a timetable to be discussed as parents will wish to see the material results. The Parish Council stated that they wished to push it forward as quickly as possible. It was also noted that the speed sign is to be moved further up the hill so traffic will see the signs earlier and the zebra crossing will help slow traffic.
As part of the Bells Yew Green traffic calming works a review took place when the bus stop was completed. Elderly residents were concerned that they could not walk across the Hawkenbury Road to the bus stop. A meeting took place where a path was agreed enabling the disabled and elderly to walk across Rushlye Road to Hawkenbury Road and on to the bus stop. This was agreed 6 months ago but only took place following pressure from the recent meetings with Highways. Many residents have stated they are happy with the result.
The extension of the yellow lines beyond the railway station are to be advertised shortly. The village gates should be considered at the same time as the yellow lines.
It was agreed at the SLR meeting that the brown sign advertising Frant Lakes would be lowered. Cllr Crookshank emailed Highways last week but is still awaiting a response.
A further SLR meeting has been arranged for early October.

9.1 To review progress regarding Little Bayham
Michael Higgs, East Sussex County Council, has sent Cllr Harris some designs for the new signs that incorporate the words ‘slow down, children’. The Parish Council have previously said they would pay for village gateways. The question of reviewing the speed limit is still unresolved. Michael Higgs is looking at a 50mph restriction for the whole of the Bayham Road but seems to be reluctant to consider a 40mph limit. Mr Higgs is liaising with the police regarding rumble strips. Many emails have been sent to the Parish Council from concerned residents asking for a resolution.
Cllr Mrs Howell stated that Central Government have recently publicised reducing speed limits from 60mph to 40mph on rural roads. Cllr Tidy responded that this would be a more locally agreed initiative and not for all roads. Cllr Crookshank noted that reducing the speed limits should result in less deer collisions.
Cllr Mrs Howell asked whether residents would be willing to form a committee to monitor speed in the area. The police could provide training and information could be gathered from other communities operating Speedwatch.
Cllr Harris has requested feedback following a meeting with the police. He is also waiting for details regarding cost for this project. East Sussex have agreed to fund the signs and the 50mph speed limit but nothing further.

9.2 To discuss outstanding highways matters
This has been discussed above.

9.3 To discuss consultation regarding Bells Yew Green traffic calming
The Parish Council have been approached to comment on the recent consultation for the Bells Yew Green traffic calming. Councillors questioned the placing of the red strip as it was stated in an earlier meeting that lighting from the station would affect the strip. Cllr Crookshank is to review.

10. Planning Matters
10.1 To make recommendations about Planning Applications received.
• WD/2012/1385/FE – 16 Frant Court, Frant TN3 9DW
Extension of time for WD/2009/1137/F (to extend ground floor, increasing the size of kitchen and hall)
The Council support this application.
• WD/2012/1432/F – Melfort House, Wadhurst Road, Frant TN3 9EH
Replacement extension and alterations
The Council support this application.
• WD/2012/1489/F – Cobwebs, The Platt, Down Lane, Frant TN3 9HP
Single storey living room extension, demolish existing conservatory
The Parish Council have noted that the previous application was refused by Wealden District Council

The following instructions were noted:
WD/2012/1104F – Estate Yard Cottage, Eridge Road, Eridge Green TN3 9JR – Proposed replacement double garage including ground floor log/garden store and first floor home office/playroom – Granted
WD/2012/1040/FR – 2 Green View, The Green, Frant TN3 9ED – Demolish existing rear rotten porch and re erect porch extension to side of rear porch – Granted

11. Finance
11.1 To approve accounts payable.
The accounts were approved as in Appendix A.

11.4 To approve grant for Church Youth Group
An application for funds has been received from the Youth Group at St. Albans Church, Frant. The money is for sports equipment. The Council approved a grant of £150.

12. To approve costs relating to removal of Frant Football Hut.
Cllr Argue advised that removing the hut would need 2 or 3 skips. Additionally, the plasterboard will have to be disposed of following special requirements. A power generator will also be necessary. A quote of £1,200 has been received to remove the metal container.
It was discussed that wood can be used at the annual bonfire. The school governors are to be contacted.
The Council approved a spend of £1,200 and thanked Cllr Argue for his work.

13. To discuss the missing metal chains, Frant
The metal chains on the bridge at Frant Recreation Ground have been stolen. The Clerk is to enquire from Playdale whether rope can be used and what the cost would be.
It was also observed that a traffic reflector post on the Green needs replacing. Graham Thorpe is to quote.
Councillors noted that parking on the Green has become persistent and is destroying the nature of the Green. It was agreed that the Council should write to residents saying parking is not permitted. The Clerk is to draft a letter.

14. August meetings.
The Council does not usually meet in August. It was agreed to not have a planning meeting but to convene an extraordinary meeting should some plans be received.

15. To discuss Bells Yew Green Live on the Green
Correspondence has been received requesting to hold a concert on the Green, Bells Yew Green. The tentative date is 16 September and it is to raise money for the new playground. An entertainment licence needs to be obtained.
Councillors approved use of the land.

16. To review items to be included on website – for example, links to ESCC highways portal
This item has been deferred to the next meeting.

17. Correspondence for noting.

18. Urgent issues at the discretion of the Chairman for noting or inclusion on future agenda.
• Councillor Rockingham is to review the Shaping Our Future document.
• East Sussex have not cut the grass near Tangier Lane, Bunny Lane or round Bells Yew Green. There is a tree branch on Frant Hill towards Tunbridge Wells which needs to be removed. Highways are to be contacted.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8:50pm.