Present: Councillors Rutherford (Vice Chair), Hall, Mrs Howell, Mrs Kinley, Mrs Myers and Rowland.
Also in attendance: County Councillor Standley, PCSO Sarah Roberts, Sarah Codling (Clerk)

1. To receive apologies and reason for absence.
Apologies were received from Cllrs Argue, Mrs Best, Crookshank, Harris, Wright and PCSO Roberts. Apologies were accepted.

2. To receive declarations of interests on items on the Agenda.

3. To approve the Minutes of the meeting 19 June 2013 as a true record.
The minutes of the meeting held 19 June 2013 were signed as a true and accurate record.

4. To determine matters arising from the previous Minutes for updating and noting.

5. Public Forum – time limit 10 minutes.

6. To receive Police Report.
None. It was noted that Operation Creosote, the identification marking of agricultural tools, should be promoted on the parish website, notice boards and in the Parish News. Action: Clerk.

7. To receive reports of County and District Councillors.
• There have been discussions about the review of police stations. The police stations under review will not change the compliment of police.
• The Council is performing well with 75% of targets hit.
• There have now been 35,000 pot holes filled. Teams are now out to see if other repairs are needed.
• Cllr Standley was asked about litter as it has been seen in Croatia that there is no litter dropped due to financial penalties imposed on culprits. Cllr Standley advised that litter is the responsibility of Wealden District Council. Wealden pursue flytipping seriously and have been successful in prosecuting. It was also noted that part of the new contract with County includes beach cleaning. Councillors were advised that the main problem is enforcement and anyone who sees litter or it being dumped should report it immediately.

• A bid to host the Rugby World Cup 2015 has been submitted by Crowborough Rugb y Football Club.
• New enterprise zones – the A22 growth zone was submitted in March. It is hoped to produce 5,000-7,000 jobs.
• Wealden summer activity days attract many children and have been encouraged by the Olympic Games. If anyone wishes to get involved then please visit the Wealden website.
• The community building project continues. Approximately £15,000 has been awarded to 30 projects this year. Councillors were urged to keep in touch with how to help other groups.
• District Councillor Graham Wells has highlighted issues caused by early morning commuter parking. Commuters have been parking in spaces allocated for shoppers. Wealden are taking this problem seriously and are trying to find a solution.
• Wealden are thinking of introducing an order stating that dogs are not allowed to foul anywhere. The person guilty of the offence is liable to a summary conviction. The order is currently out to consultation. There is some exempted land designated in the order which is of agricultural nature. The order also widens the scope of those who can enforce it.
• Councillor Hall questioned whether there was any update regarding Pococks Gate. Cllr Mrs Howell advised that enforcement are aware of the site and are reviewing it. However, there has not been any breach of the planning application.

8. Chairman’s Announcements & Correspondence for noting.

9. Highways, Transport & Lighting Matters.
9.1 To discuss zebra crossing on A267
The Clerk has contacted James Vaks, Highways, regarding moving the interactive sign but has not received a response. Costs are still awaited from utility companies before a breakdown can be provided.
It was noted that the lamp post on the Green is alight again. Cllr Rutherford is to check the number and advise the Clerk who will contact ESCC. Action: WR & Clerk.

9.2 To discuss parking outside Frant Stores
An email has been received from Brian Banks stating that including a small waiting bay may be able to be included in the zebra crossing scheme. However, Councillors noted that the restricted area should be the whole lay by. There may be need for a site visit. Cllr Standley asked if Roger had written to East Sussex as he has not had a copy of the letter.
Cllr Mrs Howell advised that Kelvin Williams, Head of Planning and Environmental Services, has been contacted by Frant residents asking whether the verge opposite the Abergavenny pub could be concreted for parking spaces for school drop off. It was noted this is an issue for ESCC. However, Councillors suggested using the land above the school which belongs to the church. This land was originally to be affordable housing. It was questioned whether the parish could go into negotiations with the Church Commissioners to provide parking space for parents. This matter is to be on the next agenda. Action: Clerk.
It was also noted that a car from the Abergavenny is parked on the verge by the crossing. The car is a grey Chrysler. The Clerk is to write a letter asking it to be moved. PCSO Sarah Roberts is also to be advised. Action: Clerk.

9.3 To discuss slowing down traffic around Frant Green
The nursery has been contacted for their views and a response is awaited.
Many residents are complaining about the speeding and feel it is dangerous coming out of their own driveway. Highways have previously indicated that they like 20mph zones and Councillors feel that around the Green would be a good area for this to be introduced. The Clerk is to contact the Bowls Club and Flower Club for their views. Action: Clerk.

9.4 To discuss Grass Cutting contract
Following complaints about the state of the Green following it being cut and the cuttings left, the contractor has agreed to remove the majority of cuttings. The contractor previously would not remove the cuttings due to the difficult nature of the task. However, it has been agreed that the cuttings can be put on Frant Football Field. Councillors are to monitor and report to the Clerk so problems can be rectified.

10. Planning Matters
10.1 To approve the Minutes of the meeting 1 July 2013
The minutes of the meeting held 1 July 2013 were signed as a true and accurate record.

10.2 To make recommendations about Planning Applications received.
• WD/2013/1071/F – Sunninglye Oast, Dundale Road, Tunbridge Wells TN3 9AG
Equestrian sand school approx 20m x 40m in field alongside farm buildings housing two loose boxes and storage for hay.
The Parish Council support this application provided there is no external light. We would be interested to know what is happening with the excavated soil as this has not been noted in the application.

To note applications granted, refused and withdrawn by District Council:
• WD/2013/1051/F – Yew Trees, Bells Yew Green TN3 9AP – Extension to the rear of the property and internal alterations – Approved.
• WD/2013/1052/LB – Yew Trees, Bells Yew Green TN3 9AP – Extension to the rear of the property and internal alterations – Approved.
• WD/2013/1081/F – 5 Lime Close, Frant TN3 9DP – Extensions and alterations to dwelling. Erection of detached three bay garage with room above and extension of driveway – Approved.

10.3 To discuss attendance at meetings and whether a Committee is necessary.
It was decided that Councillors should advise apologies by the Thursday before the meeting. Councillors are encouraged to give comments in writing so their views can be taken into consideration. However, absent Councillors will not have a vote on the final response.
There will not be a meeting in August unless applications are received.

11. Finance
11.1 To approve accounts payable.
The accounts were approved.

Payee Name                                 Transaction Detail                                Chq Ref     Amount
Wealden District Council         Dog Bins, April to June 2013           DD              77.22
EDF Energy                                    Street Lighting, April-June 2013   DD              1076.69
North Wealden Community    Wealdlink, July-September 2013  631             60
Transport Partnership Ltd
Z McGregor-Gould                       Salary, June                                           632             86.66
S Codling                                          Salary + mileage, July                       633             688.45
HMRC                                                TAX/NI July                                          634             1.87
Z McGregor-Gould                       Salary, July                                             635            86.66
Frant Memorial Hall                    Hire 1 July, 1 hr/£8phr                     636             8

Councillors questioned the invoice from EDF Energy as it seems very high. The Clerk is to query and report to Councillors what was paid last year. The Clerk is also to query with ESCC when the street lights are on. Action: Clerk.

12. To discuss the situation of proposed seat for the Green, Bells Yew Green.
A new bench has been offered to the parish by Pat Mepham, to be situated near another bench overlooking the bus shelter in Bells Yew Green, to the right of Rushlye Close. All Councillors approved.

13. To discuss replacing flowers at Victoria Well.
Cllrs Mrs Howell and Mrs Myers have volunteered to weed, edge and tidy the area until September when the Victoria Well is to undergo restoration work. A planting plan is to be devised for September/October to ensure it is planted as soon as the restoration work is completed. This is to go on the next agenda. It is also to be advertised on the website that the well is being restored. Action: Clerk.

14. Correspondence for noting.

15. Urgent issues at the discretion of the Chairman for noting or inclusion on future agenda.
• Councillors asked the Clerk to chase about when the interactive sign on A267 is to be replaced. Action: Clerk.
• The speed signs are obscured by trees and bushes and need cleaning. The Clerk is to contact Phil Jennings. Action: Clerk.
• A working party is needed in the parish. Many paths need tidying. Cllr Standley believes the village maintenance teams from ESCC will not be offered. The Clerk was requested to look into payback teams. PCSO Sarah Roberts may be able to give information. Action: Clerk.
• The Clerk is to advertise on the website about speedwatch. PCSO Roberts has advised that there is not an initiative in Frant. Action: Clerk.
• The Clerk has contacted Highways regarding the broken gate in Bells Yew Green. A quote is to be received.
• It was agreed that all Councillors are to be cheque signatories.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8:22pm.