Present: Councillors Howell (Vice-Chairman), Mrs Best, Burgess, Harris, Houlihan, Mrs Myers and Rowland

Also in attendance: Sarah Codling (Clerk) and two members of the public.

1.            To receive apologies and reason for absence.

Apologies were received from Cllrs Crookshank, Gray, Hall and Wright.  Apologies were also received from County Councillor Tidy.

2.            To receive declarations of interests on items on the Agenda.


3.            To approve the Minutes of the meeting 16 February 2011 as a true record.

Item 10.2 should read that there was no objection to the ‘extension’ not ‘renewal’ of the Eridge Park Licence.

No other amendments were noted so the minutes were signed as a true and accurate record.

4.            To determine matters arising from the previous Minutes for updating and noting.

Cllr Mrs Myers received an email from the Clerk relating to a tree that has been felled on the Green.  The tree has not been removed.  The Clerk is to contact the owner.

5.            Public Forum – time limit 10 minutes.

A resident from Eridge questioned why the Council had no objection to the extended licence for Eridge Park.

The Parish Council were under the impression the traffic control was good, it was well policed and there have been no objections historically from residents.  However, Cllr Mrs Best noted that she has received many concerns from residents following the application.

Objections mainly relate to the noise generated and the detrimental effect it is having on amenity value.  Residents are prepared to accept music until 2am, as currently agreed, but do not wish for a 24 hour licence to be granted.

A meeting is to be held 31st March 2011 and residents would like Council representation.

The Clerk is also to write a letter to Wealden stating the Council was unaware of the objection of residents as the application was received very late in the day.  The Council’s concern regarding noise levels and generation of traffic is also to be noted.

Another issue was raised that the verge outside the Village Hall on the North side of the Bells Yew Green road is eroding.  The Clerk is to contact Michael Higgs to request this be addressed during the traffic calming works.

6.            To receive Police Report.


7.            To receive reports of County and District Councillors.

County – No report


  • TP2 (transformation programme) is to save £2.9m in 2012-13.  Grants are to be cut more substantially.
  • The Council is decanting out of Hailsham so remodelling can take place.  This is expected to save in the region of £340k each year.  Staff will be reduced to 300.
  • The Council is giving £7,000 to village shops and farm retail outlets to help with businesses.  The money is to be given subject to successful applications.

8.            Chairman’s Announcements & Correspondence for noting.

Warren Ridge have instigated a community group and have received community funding for grit bins.  The Association have approached the Council to fund the refilling of bins in subsequent years.

This has been deferred to next meeting for more consideration.

A response has been received from ESCC regarding concerns raised regarding an application for a bridleway in Broadwater Down.  The Council wish to write back stating concerns that the application has been made without the knowledge of the landowner  and that, understanding the proposals, there is no evidence this path has ever been used as a bridleway.

A letter is to be sent to Di Kelly, Chairman of Withyam, asking to attend the Localism Bill meeting.

A request has been received for advertising space on the website.  The Council do not offer advertising.  This request is to be pointed in the direction of the Parish News.

The Parish Meeting is to be held 30th March 2011.  Councillor Crookshank is to provide drinks and Cllrs Mrs Howell, Mrs Myers and the Clerk are to provide food.  The agenda will be distributed next week.

9.            Highways, Transport & Lighting Matters.

9.1          To review designs for gates for entrance to Bells Yew Green and discuss how to proceed.

The Clerk contacted Michael Higgs as the website he recommended to the Council did not contain relevant designs.  Mr Higgs informed the Council that they are to come up with a design and submit it to him to approve and comment on safety.

9.2          To receive update regarding necessary street light repairs.

A quote has been received for £391.62 + VAT for a light in Church Lane.  Councillors agreed the quote and to proceed with the work.

9.3          To receive update regarding the Speed Limit Review as carried out by Highways.

Cllr Crookshank was to contact Michael Higgs regarding this matter.  This is to be deferred to the next meeting.

9.4          To discuss installing a dog bin in Bells Yew Green

A request has been received for a dog bin to be installed in Bells Yew Green.  Councillors agree that they are not visually pleasing but that it may be necessary.  The Bells Yew Green Councillors are in favour and are to propose the siting.

The Clerk is to get costing for installing the bin.

10.          Planning Matters

10.1        To approve the Minutes of the meeting 7 March 2011.

The minutes of the meeting held 7 March 2011 were signed as a true and accurate record.


10.2       To make recommendations about Planning Applications received.

There are no applications.

11.          Finance

11.1        To approve accounts payable.

The accounts were approved.

11.2        To review and approve grants.

Citizens Advice Bureau

An application has been received from Wealden Citizens Advice Bureau.  Councillors believe that the Tunbridge Wells office would more likely be frequented by our Parishioners.  The minutes from last year showed a grant of £200 was given.

The Clerk is to ask the number of Parishioners who have benefited from using the Bureau.  This will be reviewed next month.


Frant Nursery School

The Nursery School have requested funds following a proposal to use the car park as a play area.

Councillors are concerned at the proposals as recycling bins will need re-siting and it would not be beneficial to lose any parking spaces.

It is felt that the money for this proposal should come from the fees charged for the Nursery.  The Council also noted that historically the school have used the Green for play time and that the Council have provided a play area, at substantial cost.

A letter is to be sent to the Nursery requesting further information and maybe representation at the April meeting to discuss this matter.


Eridge Hall

Councillors noted that a lot of work and effort has gone into improving the facilities.  It was agreed to give £250.

12.          To review draft advertising policy and note amendments.

This is to be postponed until the April meeting.

13.          To review draft reserves policy and note amendments.

This is to be postponed until the April meeting.

14.          To receive update regarding Tyburn House.

A response has been received from Wealden which was read to Councillors.

Councillors were unhappy with the response and a further letter is to be sent outlining that the Parish Council remains extremely unhappy with the processes.  Charles Lant,  Kelvin Williams and Roy Galley are also to receive a copy of the letter.

Councillors feel the planning process has been abused and Frant residents are concerned.  It was never intended that a permanent road be created.

15.          To review progress for Henry Smith Charity 2011.

All allocations expected to be taken up have been.  The account is to be settled with Frant Stores.

16.          To receive update regarding the Street Party for the Royal Wedding

A road closure has been applied for but a response is still expected.  There is a meeting with Frant Film Club as to how the wedding will be shown.  Contributions are being received.  The George will have a band on the forecourt.  Tables, chairs, tea and cake will be provided.  There will be a hat competition.  Bunting, raffle and morris dancers are also being organised.  A request was made to Councillors for help setting up and putting away.

17.          To discuss the forthcoming election and distribute papers.

Papers were distributed.  Cllr Burgess stated he would not run a further term.

18.          Correspondence for noting.

Cllr Mrs Myers has been informed that the Glebe Land is being sold which could lead to Council land being land blocked.  A letter is to be sent to the Church Commissioners stating concern as this has been used many years as access and the Council would like assurance that rights are protected.

19.          Urgent issues at the discretion of the Chairman for noting or inclusion on future agenda.



There being no further business the meeting closed at 9:35pm.