Present: Councillors Crookshank (Chairman), Best, Harris, Mrs Howell, Mrs Myers, Rowland, Rutherford and Wright.

Also in attendance: Sarah Codling (Clerk), County Councillor Tidy, PCSO Sarah Roberts and colleague.

1. To receive apologies and reason for absence.
Apologies were received from Councillor Argue and Hall. All apologies were accepted.

2. To receive declarations of interests on items on the Agenda.

3. To approve the Minutes of the meeting 19 December 2012 as a true record.
The minutes of the meeting held 19 December 2012 were signed as a true and accurate record.

4. To determine matters arising from the previous Minutes for updating and noting.
Sarah Roberts has sent an email to the Clerk advising that the police would support parking restrictions outside Frant Stores.

5. Public Forum – time limit 10 minutes.

6. To receive Police Report.
The next Neighbourhood Panel Meeting is 3.30pm, Thursday 24th January 2013 in Groombridge Village Hall.

7. To receive reports of County and District Councillors.
• Criticism is being received that the Council is not being strong enough with protestors on the Bexhill/Hastings Road. However, health and safety will close down the site if anyone gets injured.
• East Sussex Children’s Services have been recognised as the best in the South East, far exceeding other authorities.

• A coffee morning has been organised for District Town Councillors, 10.30-12.30 22nd February 2013 at Crowborough Community Centre. Clerks are also to attend.
• The Wealden Parish Conference is to be held 11th September 2013 in Hailsham.
• The Council Tax was approved at the Full Council Meeting.
• Wealden have made adjustments to rebates and charges property owners receive for unoccupied properties or properties in administration/bankruptcy. Only 10% Council Tax will be due for empty properties for one month. Subsequently, 100% of Council Tax will be due. This is for residential properties.

8. Chairman’s Announcements & Correspondence for noting.

9. Highways, Transport & Lighting Matters.
9.1 To receive feedback from SLR meeting.
Cllrs Mrs Best, Crookshank and Mrs Howell met ESCC Highways for a SLR meeting on 10th January 2013. Councillors felt this was a good meeting with Highways becoming more responsive.
Correspondence has subsequently been received from James Vaks stating that moving the interactive sign will be incorporated into the project for the zebra crossing in Frant. County Councillor Tidy noted that he wishes to raise with Brian Banks that he is unhappy with the length of time this project is taking.
The village gateways are being installed in Little Bayham and Bells yew Green and a meeting is to take place regarding the Frant Lakes sign.
Cllr Crookshank has been to see Roger regarding parking outside Frant Stores. The Police have advised they will support restricted parking. Roger is to send the Council a plan of the restrictions he wants after liaising with Lambs Larder. Highways would not help with the cost.
Cllr Crookshank thanked County Cllr Tidy for initiating the SLR meetings as they are being very positive and pushing forward projects.
County Cllr Tidy advised that he is to ask at the next County Council meeting about setting up a team to help push through projects paid for by Parish Councils.

9.2 To receive update regarding repairwork by Southern Gas Networks to Frant Green.
A letter has been received from Southern Gas Networks indicating a positive outcome. Michael Freestone is collating some photographs to send to the Parish Council.
It was mentioned whether upright sleepers could be installed by the bowling green. It is to be clarified with Highways whether a licence would be needed for the sleepers.
Councillors noted that it is to be ensured that any remedial work is longstanding as the area by Frant Stores is eroding due to cars driving over the Green.
This item is to remain on the agenda.

9.3 To discuss the provision of village gateways for Frant and Eridge.
Previous discussions have taken place regarding the provision of village gateways for Frant and Eridge. It was noted that half of Eridge village presides in the Rotherfield Parish. Cllr Rutherford is to approach Rotherfield to see if they are interested in joining this project.
It was also noted that 3 gateways would be needed for Frant, two on the A267 and one on the entrance from Bells Yes Green. Gateways would ensure that drivers are aware they are entering a village environment and would help protect the nursery from any dangerous traffic.
The original discussion stated that the gateways would be trialled in Bells Yew Green before investigating Frant and Eridge. Therefore, it was agreed that the Bells Yew Green gateways should be installed before this discussion went any further.
Cllr Wright asked whether there could be a village sign in Frant, similar to Eridge and Wadhurst. Cllr Wright has been advised that there is a sign for Frant which depicts a fern.

10. Planning Matters
10.1 To approve the Minutes of the meeting 7 January 2013 as a true record.
The minutes of the meeting held 7 January 2013 were signed as a true and accurate record.

10.2 To make recommendations about Planning Applications received.
• WD/2012/2326/F – Frant Bowls Club, Adjacent to Village Hall, The Green, Frant TN3 9ED
Proposed small extension to end wall to existing pavilion
Frant Parish Council support this application.
• WD/2012/2547/F – Woodyard, Sandhill Lane, Eridge Green, Nr Tunbridge Wells TN3 9LW
Works to existing telecommunications installation.
No objection.

11 Finance
11.1 To approve accounts payable.
It was noted that there is graffiti in the bus shelter in Bells Yew Green and on speed signs on the south side of the village. East Sussex Highways team are to be alerted when they visit the parish.

11.2 To approve the Precept for 2013/14.
Councillors noted that Parish Councils are needing to pay for more services and need to keep this in mind. However, it was felt that the Precept would remain the same for 2013/14 as there are healthy reserves.
Cllr Crookshank proposed the precept be kept at 33,850, seconded by Cllr Mrs Best. All voted in favour.

11.3 To consider grant application from the Samaritans.
A grant application has been received from the Samaritans. It was felt that this application was not valid as it does not specifically benefit the community. Councillors felt that it was inappropriate to use taxpayers money to support Charitable Organisations and that any such support should come from taxpayers themselves not via the Parish Council. It was agreed however that this did not apply to our village halls. No grant was awarded.

12 To review Councillor responsibilities.
Cllr Rockingham advised the Chairman that he would be resigning as Frant Parish Councillor. The Clerk has tried to contact Cllr Rockingham but he has not responded. It was noted that he is no longer on the electoral role.
The Council voted and accepted the resignation of Cllr Rockingham.
There have been three prospective candidates for the position of Frant Parish Councillor, Bells Yew Green ward. The applicants are to contact the Clerk with their application. The Clerk is also to advertise the vacancy on the noticeboards. It is proposed for the applicants to be co-opted in March.
The review of Councillor responsibilities is to be completed once a new Councillor has been co-opted.

13 To discuss the sale of the Old School Building, Frant.
The Clerk has received communication questioning the ownership of the pavement and trough outside the Old School Building, Frant which needs to be rectified for the sale of the building.
Cllr Mrs Myers advised that she has seen a postcard from the turn of the century which does not depict the trough outside the building. Cllrs noted that the pavement could originally be part of Highways as company stopcocks are at the back of the pavement off the main footpath. However, Highways lay no claim to the land.
The Clerk is to advise that it is not believed to be Parish Council land.

14 Correspondence for noting.

15 Urgent issues at the discretion of the Chairman for noting or inclusion on future agenda.
Cllr Wright has volunteered to speak at the planning meeting in Hailsham where the planning application for 11 High Street, Frant is to be discussed. Cllr Wright has reviewed the site and will represent the unanimous views of the Parish Council. The legitimacy of the light survey is to be questioned as it is believed to be completed by the Agent of the Applicant, not independently.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8:50pm.