Present: Councillors Crookshank (Chairman), Mrs Best, Harris, Mrs Howell, Mrs Myers, Rowland and Wright

Also in attendance: County Cllr. Tidy, Mr Houlihan, two members of the public

1.            To receive apologies and reasons for absence

Apologies were received from Councillors Gray (illness) and Hall

2.            To co-opt a Councillor for Bells Yew Green ward

Agreed to elect Mr Houlihan as Councillor.

3.            Declarations of Interests

Cllr. Crookshank declared a personal interest in item 11.1 as a neighbour of the applicant.

4.            To approve the minutes of Full Council Meeting 21 July 2010 and Planning Meeting 24 August 2010

Resolved to approve the Minutes of the meetings held 21 July 2010 and 24 August 2010 as a true record.

5.            Matters Arising


6.            Open Forum

The public had no comments

7.            Police Report

No police report had been received.

8.            County Councillor’s Report

  • The County Council continues to review its services in the light of reduced funding. The Safer Community Partnerships, which in East Sussex have an excellent record in reducing crime and disorder have had their funding reduced by half.  Cllr Tidy and others have come to an agreement whereby the organisation can continue its work.
  • There is due to be a reduction in police numbers.  However, frontline policing will be kept to an optimum and most reductions will come from Headquarters staff.
  • Local Enterprise Partnerships are providing money to develop business in East Sussex
  • The County Council are looking into develop broadband in rural areas.  An opportunity is being created for three councils to modernise their broadband facilities in order for County to understand the scale of the operation.

9.            District Councillor’s Report

  • Many meetings are being curtailled due to the financial situation.
  • Wealden should fare better than most in the forthcoming budget cuts due to its financial prudence.
  • Office in Hailsham will be moved and more business will now be conducted electronically.
  • A litter campaign has been activated and is being very proactive regarding fly-tipping.  ‘Hippo bags’ are being dumped around the countryside and all residents are asked to contact the council should they spot one. They have individual numbers which should be reported to Wealden.
  • The scheme of free swimming to the over 60’s will cease.

10.          Highways, Transport and Lighting Issues

10.1        To receive progress report on the traffic calming/management proposal for Bells Yew Green

Michael Higgs was due to arrange a public consultation.  Funds have been set aside for project but need to progress as money is only valid for this year.

Councillors wish to adopt yellow lines instead of chicanes.  The yellow lines will prohibit parking during the day with restricted parking outside the shop.

10.2        To receive verbal report from Cllr. Myers on site meetings to review potential traffic issues associated with the new school

This item has been moved to the next meeting due to the absence of Cllr. Myers

11.          Planning

11.1        To make recommendations about Planning Applications received

  • Application No. WD/2010/1796/LB – Sunninglye Farmhouse, Dundale Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN3 9AG

Install a 14 panel photovoltaic system to the south rear facing roof of the outbuilding.

Full Application

No objection by the Parish Council.

12.          To consider strategy groups required for progressing action plans from the Parish Plan

This item has been moved to the next meeting

13.          Allotments

13.1        To receive verbal report on improvement to the site.

Deferred to the next meeting

13.2        To consider any action required for attending to uncultivated plots and unpaid invoices for rental

Ticehurst Parish Council have an agreement for tenants to sign.  Frant Parish Council are to look into the existence of such an agreement.  Noted to add to agenda for next meeting.

14.          Finance

14.1        To note receipt of signed Annual Report from Mazars, external auditors.

Report has not been received.  Noted to contact Mazars.

14.2        To approve accounts payable

It was resolved to approve accounts for payment as listed in appendix A.

15.          Correspondence for noting


16.          Personnel

16.1        To ratify appointment of interim clerk

Agreed to appoint Sarah Codling as Interim Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer.

16.2        To receive report on process of appointing a Clerk

Report was received and noted.

17.          Urgent issues at the discretion of the Chairman for noting or inclusion on future agenda

  • Councillor Mrs Howell reported that meetings have taken place with the residents of Warren Ridge to discuss the parking problem.  Subsequently the problem has been resolved.  A further meeting is due to take place with the proposal of setting up a Street Committee.
  • The garages in Warren Ridge are in need of renovation work and may need to be demolished.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.15 pm.