Address: Folly Cottage, Danegate, Eridge Green, Tunbridge Wells, TN3 9JB
Contact: 01892 750865
Fax: 01892 750337

Folly Wildlife Rescue Trust, based at Eridge Green, is a registered charity (RCN 1091857) that operates throughout East Sussex and Kent, rescuing, treating and returning to the wild, injured, orphaned, sick and distressed wildlife.

In a typical year, over 3500 casualties pass through its doors, including badgers, foxes, hedgehogs, swans, deer fawns and birds of every type.

The Trust specialises in the hand-rearing of young animals and birds that have been orphaned or have had their nests disturbed or destroyed by human interference and over the last 15 years many thousands have been returned to the wild that would have otherwise have perished.

Additionally, the Trust works to correct the myths and misconceptions surrounding many species of wild animal and through its education programme looks to highlight the hazards facing wildlife (fishing line, litter, garden machinery, domestic pets, road traffic accidents etc) that are injuring or claiming the lives of tens of thousands of victims every year. Its free helpline deals with thousands of wildlife-related enquiries, giving advice on a range of issues, including what to do about snakes in the garden pond, bats in the loft, badgers digging up the lawn and even what sort of unusual spider it is in the bath!

With just three full-time staff, the Trust relies very much on its volunteer base, who help with animal care or collect casualties from veterinary surgeons or members of the public without their own transport.

For more information, visit us at The Helpline number for reporting a wildlife casualty or getting advice is 07957 949825